World’s First Reindeer Influencer Offers Free Summer Trips to Finnish Lapland

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Press release, Helsinki, 28 February 2024

Vesku the reindeer invites travellers to discover summer in Lapland, with six summer trips up for grabs.
Credits: Kota Collective

Visit Finland is delighted to announce a new and exclusive partnership with the world’s first reindeer influencer, Vesku, @veskuthereindeer. Vesku has been recruited to ‘herd’ up the new Lapland summer campaign, ‘Trust the Wilderness.’

As part of this unique collaboration, Vesku has deer-cided to invite five lucky people to win one of his carefully curated trips to Finland’s northern gem and his homeland, Finnish Lapland, for a summer adventure.

Known as Europe’s last wilderness, Lapland is often perceived as a winter destination for Santa seekers but this summer, Vesku is grabbing the social media world by the horns as he collaborates with top destinations including Levi, Ruka-Kuusamo, Ylläs, Pyhä-Luosto, Kemi and Lapland North to share his captivating journeys through the wilderness of Finnish Lapland on his popular Instagram page.

Commenting on the campaign, Vesku said: "I was born in the last wilderness of Europe, and I love my home in Finnish Lapland. I bet you had no i-deer that there are more reindeer than people living in Lapland – there are 210,000 of us! I love being part of such a distinct and diverse herd. Even though I have plenty of pals to play our reindeer games with, I also have close friendships with humans - especially my reindeer herder family. It might sound surprising, but my human friends and I have so much in common, and I enjoy showing them my favourite spots in Lapland.”

This unique collaboration invites the world to witness the untamed beauty and unique experiences that Lapland, bathed in the never-ending light of summer, has to offer. Vesku wants to show his followers how to live more like a reindeer, which means a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle including a wild food diet. Vesku developed this idea last summer as he ventured across the friendly wilderness of northern Finland.

“Not to brag, but my human friends say that I have global influencer potential! During the shoots, I was able to travel around Lapland, visiting so many beautiful destinations and taking part in many fun activities, and I imagine humans would enjoy them too. I ate berries and mushrooms, roamed in the national parks, swam in crystal-clear waters, did yoga, climbed to the top of a fell, and had beach parties with my buddies. What else can one ask for from a summer adventure?"

As part of this exclusive partnership, Vesku will give away trips to the last wilderness of Europe on his Instagram account, offering followers the chance to immerse themselves in Lapland’s awe-inspiring regions – from the seashores of Kemi and vast forests of Ruka-Kuusamo all the way through the stunning fells of Levi, Ylläs and Pyhä-Luosto to the lakes of Lapland North.

Those eager to win can follow Vesku as he journeys around Lapland. Starting from 6th March, Vesku will kickstart his ‘Where Am I Wednesday’ competition, sharing clues on where he is in Finnish Lapland. Participants must guess where Vesku is, share the activity they would most like to take part in, and tag the friend they would like to bring with them. Followers will need to act fast, they will have just two weeks to guess Vesku’s location to be in with a chance of winning one of the first three trips and only a week for the remaining three trips!

Winners will enjoy a four-night holiday for two in summer Lapland, with economy flights from Finnair, four nights’ accommodation and two activities included. Trips must be taken between 17 June 2024 and 30 September 2024.

“For humans, there is a lot to experience in terms of culture, events, food, and accommodation. You can go gold panning, river rafting, biking, practice yoga with us reindeer, go to the sauna, or attend summer festivals like Solstice. Thanks to our midnight sun, you’ll have plenty of daylight hours to enjoy all that Lapland has to offer," assures Vesku.

Commenting on the campaign and the collaboration with deerly loved Vesku, Senior Director, International Marketing & PR of Business Finland, Heli Jimenez says, “we are thrilled to be collaborating with Vesku on our new campaign - there is no better ambassador for summer in Lapland than a genuine local reindeer. Vesku has created the perfect itineraries for reindeers and humans alike to enjoy an authentic Lapland experience - exploring the untamed beauty of northern Finland. We are particularly excited about the trips we will be raffling off with Vesku. We want to show visitors the reindeer approach to life which aligns so well to the Finnish lifestyle. Spending time in the great outdoors and enjoying food full of fresh, foraged ingredients makes for the perfect summer.”

Don't miss the opportunity to Trust the Wilderness with Vesku and explore the captivating Lapland summer. More information on how to win will be announced on Vesku’s Instagram page. Follow @veskuthereindeer on Instagram for a chance to win an unforgettable adventure.

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Credits : Kota Collective
Credits: Kota Collective
Credits : Kota Collective

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