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Press release, Helsinki, 7 March 2023

Whether you prefer natural wellness, outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming, or music festivals, Lapland has it all.
Credits: Markus Kumpula / Flatlight Films

Lapland, the last wilderness of Europe, is a true gem. Here you can find untouched nature with an abundance of reindeer, the most common inhabitant in the region, roaming freely everywhere – even on an urban beach. Whether you are staying in the city center, a simple log cabin, a quaint resort, a camping site, or even a boutique hotel with a glass ceiling, you are always just one step away from nature and soothing silence.

The sun never actually sets during the summer months in Lapland. The enigmatic light found during this time of year transports you to another reality. The 24/7 sunlight creates the illusion that time itself does not exist, and this allows visitors to explore the region's stunning landscapes literally at any time of the day or nightless night. While the wilderness and the Arctic nature offer a wide array of outdoor activities, summer holidays can also be turned into relaxing and calming experiences in the middle of a forest.

“In Lapland, you can dance the night away at the top of a fell during a cool music festival, mountain bike a well-marked route in a national park the next day, or really get your blood going by river rafting, only to cap off your day with a traditional smoke sauna by the lake under the midnight sun. True foodies can enjoy regional fine dining restaurants and an abundance of local, wild ingredients. Then again, it is also perfectly okay to just be in Lapland and fill your lungs with the world’s cleanest air on your cabin’s balcony,” outlines Eevakaisa Mölsä, PR and Media Manager at Visit Finland. 

With all this in mind, there should be no question about where to book your next summer holiday. But, just in case, below you can find some examples of how to have a good time in Lapland – just to make sure we see you here.

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Solstice Festival, Ruka-Kuusamo

For hipsters: Dance all night long at the top of a fell. Midsummer marks the magical time when the sun doesn’t set near the Arctic Circle. During this time, the Solstice Festival celebrates light and life in nature with music and art from domestic and international acts. The party is on June 22-24 at Rukatunturi, an Arctic fell with views over the surrounding wilderness.

Restaurant Aanaar, Inari

For foodies: Dine at an award-winning restaurant with deep roots in the tundra. At the restaurant Aanaar you can enjoy a full sensory wilderness experience near the Juutua rapids in Inari. This is a truly memorable dining experience that brings nature first to your plate and then your palate.

Wilderness Lodge Isokenkäisten Klubi, Ruka-Kuusamo

For those looking to de-stress: Recenter yourself with the ancient recovery and relaxation experience of a smoke sauna. The Seven Star Sauna onsite is heated softly and slowly with dry birch logs – a process that takes up to half a day. Add a peat moss treatment and a dip in the lake to make your visit the perfect blissful experience.

Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi

For families: Meet Santa Claus in a summer mood in the Arctic Circle. You can meet Santa Claus and his joyful elves in the Santa Claus Village every day of the year. There is no entrance fee to meet Santa and here in his village you can also cross over the Arctic Circle

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River Rafting, Ruka-Kuusamo

For adrenaline junkies: “Adults only” river rafting in Oulanka National Park. Find a comfortable position on a rubber raft, gather speed, and shoot down the rapids! With butterflies in your stomach and a splash of water on your face, this adrenaline rush gives the incredible sensation of being free. Available on Kitka River from May until October, and while this experience is for grown-ups only, family-friendly routes are also widely available.

Levin Iglut, Levi

For autumn sweethearts: Sleep overnight in luxury accommodation in between admiring the Northern LightsAt Levin Iglut – Golden Crown you can sleep under the Northern lights and a blanket of stars, and then enjoy the astonishing fell landscape immediately after waking up. Featuring its own sauna and a private terrace with a hot tub, the hotel opens for the Northern Lights season at the end of August.

Ylläsjärvi Beach, Ylläs

For swimmers and beach bums: Dip in a fresh Arctic lake under the midnight sun. A unique beach and swimming experience can be found at Ylläsjärvi beach. Not only is the freshwater good for your health, but with a stroke of luck, you might even encounter a reindeer as a swimming buddy. Rest assured it never gets crowded though! Rentals such as kayaks and SUP boards are available only 100 meters away from Tunturiflow.

Sámi Culture

For the culturally sophisticated: Hear stories about Lapland’s indigenous people and dream the night away in a Sámi-owned hotel. Learn more about the deep roots of Sámi culture at the Sámi Museum and Nature Center Siida and the Cultural Center Sajos, and also spend the night at the Sámi-owned holiday village Valle.

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Berry Picking

For wellness hunters: Forage for the gold of Lapland – cloudberries that is – those nuggets of goodness that contain multiple times more Vitamin C than oranges! It is said that the people of Lapland don’t seem to age that fast. Some put it down to the pure air and less stress found in these parts, or maybe it is thanks to this berry beauty, the local raspberry-resembling, antioxidant-jam-packed cloudberry. Find out for yourself.

Trail Run, Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

For the resilient: Run over 300 km through two main national parks. NUTS 300 is a unique 326 km trail running adventure. The track crosses Lemmenjoki National Park and follows a hiking trail to the Morgamoja historical gold mining area, and through Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area and Pallas–Yllästunturi National Park, finishing in Äkäslompolo village near Ylläs resort. Finishers are greeted in the perfect Finnish style: with a warm meal and a hot sauna.

Santa Claus Golf Club, Levi

For golf lovers: Tee off around the clock with a reindeer caddiemaster. In addition to the nightless nights spent under the never-setting summer sun, roaming reindeer bring adventure and joy to playing on Finland’s northernmost golf course in Levi. Wild animals are a common sight on the fairways and surrounds, greeting players. A real memorable experience can be found from hiring a special reindeer as your caddiemaster! What’s more, Rovaniemi has a Santa Claus golf course that is populated by freely wandering reindeer.

Tankavaara Gold Village

For all who like to scavenge for gold: Did you know that Lapland has a rich gold rush history? At the Tankavaara Gold Village, you can get acquainted with its rich history, or participate in the European Gold Panning Championships. The competition has a range of categories, including one for beginners, and the winner of each category is the one who finds all the hidden gold nuggets first.

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