Seize the Colours: Autumn Foliage Live Map with help of AI

Credits: Emilia Hoisko


Press release, Helsinki, 23 August 2022

Before winter's arrival, nature in Finland bursts into an autumn splendor, creating a magical scenery. This phenomenon is known as the autumn foliage, or ´ruska´ in Finnish.
Credits: Emilia Hoisko

As leaf peeping travel grows in popularity around the world, Visit Finland’s new autumn foliage live map lets travellers know what the up-to-date situation is regarding leaf peeping opportunities.

Nature in Finland bursts into autumn splendor, creating a magical scenery. This phenomenon is known as the autumn foliage, or ´ruska´ in Finnish. The word origins from the Inari Sámi word ´ruške´ and North Sámi word ´ruški´. It also resembles ´ruskea´ which means brown in Finnish. However, brown is just one colour in the ruska palette – during September and October Finland turns into a sea of yellow, red, and orange. Ruska moves from the north to the south with a speed of 500 kilometers in just a couple of weeks.

“The ruska situation is forecast with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) and the results are displayed in an easy-to-use map view. With a help of our Autumn Foliage Live Map you may find out when and where to travel in Finland to see the colour galore in its full glory,” says Heli Jimenez, Senior Director, International Marketing and PR at Business Finland.

Available through the popular -site, the live map has been developed together with tech and marketing partners.

“The service utilises data from sources including road cameras all over Finland in order to chart the progress of ruska during the autumn season. AI processes and refines the information, and with the help of weather reports creates a real-time visual guide to the stages of fall from Hanko in the south to Enontekiö in the north,” explains Jimenez.  

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Magical time of the year

“Ruska” is the Finnish word for the turning of the leaves, the time in fall when deciduous trees and shrubs prepare for winter by transforming their leaf colours into brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. In addition to tree foliage, don't miss the foliage on the ground, especially in Lapland. 

The magical time of year draws autumn travellers from around the world to Finland, Europe’s most forested country (more than 70 percent of Finland’s land area is covered by forest) to enjoy the spectacular visual symphony that’s best experienced by hiking, walking, camping and spending time in nature.  

Credits: Julia Kivelä

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Explore the colour galore with Autumn Foliage Live.

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